About Jamit Fractions

Jamit Fractions Part 1 CD cover (mathematics educational software)Jamit Fractions is a unique math educational software for learning fractions online, suitable for students from 8 years old to adults. The program features 10 topics. Each topic is presented in a short lesson with complete references, examples, and an individual practice game for the current topic to ensure that the topic is thoroughly learned.

Jamit Fractions is not just a few practice drills or a big fancy game with few simply questions. This is a whole learning environment, which ensures a good understanding of each topic and mastering it to perfection. Each lesson contains a complete reference, written in a simple and clear language. The use of HTML allowed for cross linking of terms, definitions and examples (for example, if a student does not remember what the denominator is, he can easily click on the word, read the definition and come back).

Each of the 10 lessons has its own, completely different practice game. The game generates fraction problems to be solved. The student has all the help at hand. He can access corresponding references and examples without leaving the game, he can ask just for a little hint or request a solution with a full explanation. It is just a click of a button, and the rewarding system encourages independent thinking.

HINT pops up a little hint which helps to understand the problem and encourages thinking.
HELP displays the manual information, as which key to press etc.

LESSON displays a corresponding references  in a new window (it is a good idea to close the window when finished reading)

SOLVE shows the solution

WHY (this button shows after SOLVE is pressed) displays a window with a detailed, step by step explained solution

EXAMPLE opens a new reference window with the corresponding example (again, it is good to close it)

NEXT presents the next problem. It needs to be pressed only if the student cannot solve the problem himself. If the student gives a correct solution, the next problem is generated automatically. There is always a penalty for pressing this button, but the penalty is small if the student pressed the SOLVE and WHY buttons before. This way the student learns on his own errors.

TOO EASY and TOO HARD allows to change a difficulty level.
There are 4 difficulty levels: 

level 1 (easy), which does not cover all the topics in full depth, suitable for younger children,

level 2 (basic), covers all the basic concepts, but uses small numerals,

level 3 (advanced),  bigger numerals,

level 4 (difficult), for the people who enjoy big numbers.

Jamit Fractions Part 1 & 2 

Jamit Fractions Part 1 covers fraction concept,
equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions,
conversion between mixed and improper fractions,
comparing fractions, factors and the Lowest Common Denominator.

Jamit Fractions Part 2 covers adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing of fractions and some applications of fractions.  It also contains a Jamit Fractions Test, which combines together all the topics from Jamit Fractions.

System Requirements:

  1. A screen display of minimum 600 by 800 pixels.

  2. JAVA enabled web browser, like Internet Explorer 5 (recommended) or Netscape Communicator 4.51 or higher.

If you have older versions of these browsers  please use the links below to upgrade your browser.