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Lesson 1: What is a Fraction. Fraction Types.

  1. What Is a Fraction.
  2. Fraction Examples.
  3. Fraction Parts:  Numerator , DenominatorVinculum.
  4. Fraction Types:  Proper Fractions , Improper FractionsMixed Fractions.
  5. Play the Practice Game



When an object is divided into a number of equal parts then each part is called a fraction.

There are different ways of writing a fraction. For example, two fifths of an object can be written as

  • a common fraction 
  • a decimal 0.4
  • a percentage 40%

We will learn about percentages and decimals later.

Now let us have a closer look at the common fraction:

  2       numerator says how many parts in the fraction
          vinculum  = "divide by"
  5       denominator says how many equal parts in the whole object

Always remember: denominator can NEVER be 0.
Why? Because you cannot divide by 0.



Example 1:

We divide a chocolate bar into 5 equal parts.

Each part is of the whole bar.
We read  as one fifth.
The whole bar has 5 fifth parts.
We write it: 1 = 

Example 2:

We have a box of gingerbread men. There are 5 men in the box.
Each man is  of the box contents. 

The whole box has 5 fifth parts.
We write it: 1 = 
Two gingerbread men are pink.
Two pink men are  of the box contents.


There are 3 different types of fractions:

  • Proper Fractions Numerator < Denominator
    Proper fractions have the nominator part smaller than the denominator part,
    for example , or  .
  • Improper Fractions Numerator > Denominator or Numerator = Denominator,
    Improper fractions have the nominator part greater or equal to the denominator part,
    for exampleor .
  • Mixed Fractions
    Mixed fractions have a whole number plus a fraction, for example 2or 123 .



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