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Jamit Fractions Test

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The test combines together all the topics from Jamit Fractions.

There are 4 difficulty levels:

  • level 1 (easy), which does not cover all the topics in full depth, suitable for younger children,
  • level 2 (basic), covers all the basic concepts, but uses small numerals,
  • level 3 (advanced),  bigger numerals,
  • level 4 (difficult), for the people who enjoy big numbers.

There are 5 problems for each topic to be solved, at least 4 problems should be answered correct. More than 1 mistake in level 1 or 2 means it is a good idea to go back to the lesson and study the topic again.

The test rules are very easy - you get a red star for each correct answer and a black star for each wrong answer. Note that pressing SOLVE or NEXT instead of solving the problem yourself means wrong answer (a black star), but it is OK to check EXAMPLE or REFERENCES.




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