Jamit Fractions - Lesson Contents - Lesson 1: What is a Fraction? 


You will need to install the JAVA Runtime Environment for this game. CLICK HERE to get Java on your computer!


How to play this game:

1. Click on "Play" to start the game

2. Use the keyboard to type in the number of the fraction. Press "Enter" on the keyboard. You may use the "delete" key to correct your mistake.

3. Use the mouse to paint the fraction. Press "Enter" on the keyboard when you have finished.

4. Fifi will move up the stairs when you get the right answer! You win the game when Fifi gets the apple. You loose if the monster eats Fifi.



For Parents or Teachers: You can create printable worksheets for your kids based on the problems in this game. Please visit the Fraction Worksheets pages.

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