Jamit Job Board - Hosting 

If you require a hosting service for the script, it is important to choose a hosting service that supports the requirements. We've found that hosting companies who provide Linux based hosting with CPanel do the job well.

The script is also compatible with Windows servers, however please check if your server satisfies the above requirements before installing on a Windows based server.

It is usually better to choose a VPS or Dedicated hosting rather than shared hosting if you are planning to run the job board on a high traffic website. Although it is OK to choose shared hosting, the advantage of VPS or dedicated is better for both reliability & security.

(We take care to ensure that the script is compatible on as many servers as possible, for example the script can run on a server with 'Globals' turn Off or On, as well as Magic Quotes turned On or Off)

Introducing MidPhase Hosting Services

We recommend all Linux based plans offered by MidPhase Inc for your hosting service needs.

Midphase offers the following advantages:

  • They are our hosting company of choice, and we are affiliated with MidPhase because we know their service is worth promoting. (We are on a dedicated server plan and host all of our websites on the one server)
  • They have very generous hosting plans with ample storage and bandwidth (eg 200GB disk and 3000GB bandwidth for $7.94USD per month)
  • They have RAID-10 storage, Enterprise class data center, a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • All Linux plans have a custom CPanel hosting interface with a rich set of features.
  • They offer many different plans, from beginner to highly professional. This allows you to select a smaller plan first, and then upgrade to a higher plan as your website grows.
  • 24/7/365 Support, money back guarantee, a large customer base, and many more reasons.

Recommended Plans:

Pro-PHASE Plan - Choose this plan for entry level Job Board hosting.

VPS - Virtual Private Servers, offering Silver VPS and GoldVPS pans. A VPS plan will give you full control of your system & provide better security. Best for medium to large websites.

Dedicated Servers - For the most demanding websites.