Jamit Job Board - Requirements.

Requirements for the Jamit Job Board:

  • Web hosting account, running on a Windows or Unix based server.
  • PHP 4.3.3 or higher
  • MySQL 3 or 4 Database server
  • Image Magick library (used for automatic thumbnail creation, available form www.imagemagick.org and usually already pre-installed with most hosting accounts)
  • Cron Jobs (or access to a 'Cron job' tool, a tool that allows you to schedule the running of programs chronologically). This is only needed if you plan to use the 'Email Alerts' and 'Email application' features. Additionally, a Cron emulation feature is included.

The installation of the job board requires at least basic knowledge of web hosting and basic webmaster skills.

IF you are looking for a hosting service that will support the above, please see this page for more explanation: Job Board Hosting

If you are planning to hire a technician to help you with our software: To get full advantage of our software, it is recommended that your technician has at least the following skills:

  • Ability to setup and manage web hosting accounts, email accounts, MySQL server accounts and manage file permissions.

  • Ability to install php scripts, and ability to make basic modifications to php files.

  • Excellent understanding of HTML and related web technologies including JavaScript and DHTML.

  • Good communication skills, to be able to communicate with our support in a professional and friendly manner.

Please see our 'Solution Partners' Page for companies who can provide extra services for implementing your job board website.