Job Board is a web application for running and managing a Job Board. It is written in PHP and supported by a MySQL database. It is a complete script for those that want to run a professional Job Board website, with all the features that you would expect.

The Job Board is especially designed for ease of use. The script was designed by applying many of the principles learned from the study of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).  

Although our job board is a complicated, feature packed script under the hood; to the Average Joe, it is intuitive, simplified and easy to use. We have designed the script so that it promotes website growth and encourages visitors to return.

We believe that improving the user's experience will bring the returning visitors. We are currently managing a number of employment websites powered by our software, and we are always improving and updating our software based from our experience and customer requests

Overview of the features

The following list is a summary of features. For a more detailed list, please see Features List section.

  • Designed to eliminate custom programming as much as possible
    • Build database forms via a web interface. You can add text fields, check-boxes, select lists, multiple selects, text editor, HTML editor, date fields, category fields and many more types of fields!
    • Build search forms via a web interface, no programming needed!
    • Change any word / sentence / paragraph of the site through a web based interface - never touch any code!
    • Customize all emails to your preference, just the way you like it.
    • Customize the Cascading Style Sheet, headers and footers. (HTML knowledge is needed to customize the header & footer)
    • Customize many other things, including prices, currencies, time zone, languages and more.
  • Designed for ease of use and quick, clean & no-fuss access to jobs because jobs is all they want! Browse jobs by date, by category or using the search. The simplicity of the job board can be compared to sites such as or kijiji, with a blog style feel. Every design decision has a reason.
  • Allow job seekers to submit their resume and apply to jobs online.
  • Employers post job advertisements, browse resumes, manage previous postings.
  • Powerful Administration Panel
  • Earn revenue. Bill for posts / subscriptions, or set it free & earn advertising revenue from Google AdSense and others!
  • Send Resume Alerts and Job Alerts. Includes an opt-in bulk mail system which is able to place outgoing email on a queue and send in intervals.

Developers, please note:

Due to the effort to eliminate the need for custom programming, your job may be eliminated or greatly reduced! However, you are welcome to customize and extend the code if needed.

More Information

Here are some essential links to help you get familiar with our software. If you have a question and would like to contact us directly, please see the Contact Us page.

You can get more information about the features here:
You may also browse the knowledge base here, particularly the pre-sales questions: Jamit Job Board Knowledge Base
You may also see some live sites here:

License: The job board license costs $199 USD per domain, and you can see an article about the license agreement here: About the License Agreement 

And finally the demo is here: