Translation and Localization

A good way to increase your market is to translate your website or product into another language.

 Although simply translating a website or product may not be enough to enter a new market. There could be subtle cultural or regional differences that could have significant impact if left unchecked. These cultural differences need to be researched and understood before the translation / localization is made. A simple example would be: Whenever to use the imperial or metric system for expressing quantity units in China – should you use feet or meters? There are other differences that can be more complicated, for example websites in different countries may follow different conventions that are only followed (and expected) by users only in that country. A more serious example involved one of our clients setting up a regional website for South Korea. On this website, the client placed a map of South Korea which featured the sea to the east of Korea labelled 'The Sea of Japan', without knowing that the Korean people  vehemently and pragmatically refer to this stretch of water as the 'East Sea'.

Our translation work doesn’t stop at websites either. We can produce projects for other mediums too, including brochures, posters, magazines, books, video production and so on.

Jamit Software has experience with translating websites to languages Korean, Japanese Chinese and Polish. Other languages are possible, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French and others. We can help you with all your translation needs for any language or region.