Million Dollar Script

Million Dollar Script

The Million Dollar Script allows you to sell advertising space on your website by selling pixels! Pixels are bought in blocks of 100 pixels (10x10), and then arranged on a clickable image map with the advertiser's link. The script comes complete with all the features which enable webmasters to provide a pixel-selling service with high efficiency and good user satisfaction.

Jamit Software released the first Million Dollar Script on 28th of September, 2005. Our script quickly become very popular, with over 1,500 licenses sold in the first 6 months. The script features an innovative AJAX based pixel selection method and a host of other features.

The script is not only used for 'Million Dollar Homepage' type websites, but also useful for severing banner ads in the pixel form factor which helps gain the visitor's attention. Also, many other creative uses can be found.

The idea for the script derived form the highly successful 'Million Dollar Homepage' started by Alex Tew. We thank Alex for the wonderful idea!

The script's home is on a separate domain: