Recruitment and Project Consultation.

Do you require people for your project?

We can help you with recruiting the right people. Our consultants really know the IT industry in which they operate. We work directly with the technology, and we work directly with people in the IT Industry.

We can help you hire people to work in the following roles:

  • Developers, including Website developers (.NET, PHP, Cold Fusion, Java / JSP etc), System Integrators, Visual Basic developers, Delphi developers, etc.

  • Database Administrators (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc.)

  • System Administrators

  • Network Engineers

  • Project Managers

Before hiring staff for your project, we will be able to provide a full consultation in advance. We can go through the projectís requirements with you and we can give you a second opinion about your plan. We can analyze the project to determine if the project is necessary, find any alternative solutions, estimate the time and cost of the project, and finally estimate the Return On Investment (ROI) as a result from the implementation of the project.