Website Marketing Services

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

 Do you have a product or service that is sold online? Have you thought about staring your own affiliate program to promote your product(s) or service(s)? An affiliate program will allow you to off load your advertising activities to your affiliates, while your advertising expense is incurred after the product or service is sold (by paying your affiliates a commission). We can help you with implementing the right affiliate program, and give you advice on how to manage the program. Learn more about our Affiliate Marketing solutions today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want your website to be listed in search engines with good raking in the search results? We can give you advice for best practices. We can aggressively optimize your website for the search engines. Let Jamit Software do it for you.

Website Usability Analysis

Visitors like to return to a website which they can easily navigate through and find the information quickly. Visitors like websites which are easy to the eye, quick to scan though. Let Jamit Software perform an analysis of your website, and improve your usability.

Monetizing your website

Have you thought about making money from your website, but donít know how? We can show you how you can start making money straight away.

Copyrighting and Content Development

Having your website written by a professional writer could make a difference to how your website is perceived and make the difference between a visitor and a client. Additionally, adding original and well written content to your websites increases the authority value of your website, which in turn encourages more visits.

Website Growth Strategy

Perhaps you have a website, and you are hoping to make it big? We help you come up with a plan on how to become a successful website with only a limited budget. By applying all the above services, and putting them together into a general strategy plan, we can increase the popularity and / or the profitability of your website.